Brix and acidity hybrid meter

Product Description

This product is designed specifically for use with fruit and other food products where a balance of sweetness and acidity is required. With this tool you shall be able to find a perfect ratio to ensure the highest quality and consistency in your product.
Hybrid Measurement Device         Hybrid Measurement Device

With PAL-BX|ACID, the integral parameters of fruit, sugar (Brix) and acidity can be measured with one device. It measures sugar level (Brix) through a refractometry method using light refraction. Also, it measures acidity level through electroconductivity method using electrical current.

Sugar (Brix) x Acidity Balance        Sugar (Brix) x Acidity Balance

Besides sugar level or sweetness, the acidity or tartness is another important element that influences the taste of fruit. By simply pressing a button, it promptly displays the indispensable sugar acid ratio of fruit and vegetables.

Simple Measurement Procedures        Simple Measurement Procedures

To measure acidity, dilute sample with water, place it on the sample stage and press the START button. Anyone can easily take these measurements.

No Reagent Required         No Reagent Required

Conventional acid level measurement such as the acid-base titration method requires large amounts of costly reagent and tedious disposal procedures. ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters require absolutely no reagent at all!

Easy to Read Measurement Values      Easy to Read Measurement Values

The acid-base titration method derives the acid content as phenolphthalein changes color when the solution is alkalized, but it is difficult to determine the equivalence point. With ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters, anyone can easily see the results with a digital readout.

Glassware is Unnecessary        Glassware is Unnecessary

We have heard customers tell us how they broke the glassware required for the titration method. Have peace of mind and be worry free of damage with ATAGO Brix-Acidity Meters.


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