Brix and Salt hybrid meter

Product Description

What it is recommended for measuring:

Sauce, Dressings, Pickles, Soup, Bread, Broth, Cheese, Butter, Meat, Shellfish, Seaweed, Seawater, Brine, Soy Sauce, Miso, Rice, cooked and raw fish,

Optical prism and titanium dual electrode      Optical prism and titanium dual electrode

A hybrid brix and salt meter born by the fusion of optics and metal.An optical prism is used for the concentration via light refraction, and titatanium for salt concentration via electrical conductivity.

Pursuing SDGs, it can withstand long-term use.       Pursuing SDGs, it can withstand long-term use.

The concept of `anyone`, `anywhere` and `easily` being able to measure has been our standard, but now we have added `for a long time` to our list for the strongest of specifications. Working towards sustainability, the PAL-BX/SALT is made of durable materials designed for long term use without worry.

World’s first! Dilution-free Salt Measurement        World's first! Dilution-free Salt Measurement

Yes, I was looking for something like this!‘Not only providing the means to measure the balance between concentration and salt content in one unit, the decisive factor in taste for all food, with our proprietary algorithm we also took away the stress that comes with dilution.

No reagents or glassware required       No reagents or glassware required

Costly and hard to dispose of reagents were needed for the titration method. Glass hydrometers needed to be handled carefully in food facilities due to the danger of dropping and shattering glass. Now with the Brix and Salt Meter,, you don’t have to worry about reagents or damaged glass!

Anyone can measure easily         Anyone can measure easily

When using for the first time, a simple programming with 1 undiluted and 2 diluted versions of the sample is needed. After measuring the Brix and salt of the three samples, the user scale is automatically created from those values. From then on, that sample can be dropped on the unit and measured without any dilution!

It can be cleaned under running water.        It can be cleaned under running water.

Since is water resistant (IP65), it can be rinsed under running water after measurement. Highly viscous samples can also be rinsed with water..
This meter can withstand the harsh conditions in the kitchen or on the production line.

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