Datum EEXI Shaft Power System

Product Description

EEXI Shaft Power System, provides the necessary features and functionality to comply with the MARPOL Annex VI, MEPC.335(76) EEXI regulations.

The system uses a Shaft Power Acquisition Module to constantly display, monitor and record propulsion shaft power to ensure compliance with the EEDI requirements relating to CO2 emissions for ships over 400 gross tonnage.

Datum’s EEXI Shaft Power Acquisition Module continuously monitors, records and displays the instantaneous power being developed at the propulsion shaft when the vessel’s engine shaft is connected to Datum’s Shaft Power Meter.

Voyage reports are automatically produced in support of the regulatory port authority documentation requirements, providing the most convenient way to evidence EEXI compliance.

In exceptional circumstances where the Ship’s Master or Office in Charge need to override the EEXI power limiter (for events such as Adverse Weather, Ice-Infected Waters, Rescue Operations, Avoidance of Pirates and Engine Maintenance), Datum’s EEXI Shaft Power Acquisition Module logs the exact time and reason for the power exceedance.

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