Imada DPU High Capacity Sensor

Product Description



– Strain gauge type tension/compression sensor
– High capacity type available in capacity up to 20kN.
– For both tension test and compression test.
– Amplifier is necessary to read load values and output them to external equipment.


Specifications for DPU series High Capacity Tension/Compression Sensor

Model DPU-1000N to 20kN
Accuracy(*1) +/-0.2% F.S.
Force Tension and compression
Capacity Please refer to model list below.
Operating temperature -10 to +70 degree Celsius
Thread diameter M10(Models up to 5000N)
10K,20K:No thread (You can add thread as an option)
Weight Approx.800g(Models up to 5000N)
DPU-10KN: Approx.1.7kg
DPU-20kN: Approx.2.3kg
Cable 3m (with connector)
Size Please refer to dimensions.

*1 Accuracy in the case when the tension/compression sensor is combined with IMADA amplifier and calibrated.


Model List of DPU Series High Capacity tension/compression sensor

Model Capacity Safe overload rating Thread diameter
DPU-1000N 1000N (100kgf) 240% M10 P1.5
DPU-2000N 2000N (200kgf) 120%
DPU-5000N 5000N (500kgf)
DPU-10kN 10kN (1tf) N/A*
DPU-20kN 20kN (2tf)

*Optional thread is available. Please contact us for more information.





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