Imada eZT Digital amplifier

Product Description

Sensor Interchangeable Amplifier   eZT
Sensor interchangeable amplifier eZT enables you to handle a wide range of force testing applications by changing multiple sensors without needing adjustment. It is ideal for integration into facilities or measuring under special circumstances.


  • High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of force
  • Ideal for a wide range (eg: 5N to 1000N) and different kinds (eg: torque and tension) of force measurement due to interchangeability
  • Reduces risks in operation by keeping a spare sensor
  • Improves efficiency of testing using the equipped I/O functions for combining with external devices. I/O of displacement enables force vs. displacement testing combining necessary devices
  • Enables complex measurement such as material characteristic evaluation with optional software Force Recorder Professional available for real-time graphing of force vs. time/displacement *Linear scale and optional cable are required
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