RX-i Refractometer

Product Description

Model Feature
RX-5000i-Plus World’s Highest Standard of Accuracy
RX-5000i Standard model
RX-9000i Wide Range, High Accuracy, High Temperature
RX-7000i Wide Range, High Temperature

A high-quality refractometer is a laboratory instrument that can be used to measure the total solids in a solution and determine their state of purity. It is a new light-refracting instrument that passes through material directly related to strength through different prisms, resulting in measurement scales such as Brix, percentage (%).      The refractometer is useful for various applications such as food analysis, alcohol level, manufacture of oil, production of wine, control of the purity of essential oils, determination of the ripeness level of the fruit through the quantity of sugars, product quality control, and studying unnatural elements in fluids, such as human and animal urine. It is also useful for compliance with technological procedures in various industries such as chemical, automotive, food, healthcare, engineering, metalworking, animal husbandry, and farming. A high-quality refractometer provides precision and reliability in extreme environments without any mechanical issues, allowing free recording of the optical analyzes of the samples
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