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Product Description

Product Testing

When you need an economical solution for product quality testing, we provide independent testing and comprehensive reporting of your products. Send samples to our test facility or we will collect random samples from retailers. We will test and give you reports depending on your requirements. Comprehensive reports includes test results, test methods, standards and test photos.

• Bottle cap testing – Open/close torque for bottle caps
• Alu-foil / polymer packaging tear testing – Tear force for alu-foil bag opening
• Peel / Adhesion testing – Peel or adhesive strength
• Tensile testing – Tensile strength of various products
• Compression testing – Top load or compression testing of various products
• Crisp / brittle and freshness testing – Crispness and freshness testing of various food products

Bottle cap testing – for food industry and engineering. Opening or closing force (torque) for all types of bottles including: jam and other food jars, wine and spirits bottles, fruit /soft drink bottles, medicine containers

Pilfer-proof ring / tamper-evident band on milk, and other beverage and medicine bottles
Turning force (torque) for key switches, door handles and many other engineering and research
Alu-foil packaging tear testing – for snack and other food packaging. Tear opening force of various alu-foil or polymer food packaging (chips, biscuits, muesli bars, snack foods)
Peel / Adhesion testing – for food, building and medical industry. Peel opening of yoghurt, dips, pastes and other food tubs/pot lids. Various adhesive glue applications and heat sealed packaging
Adhesion testing of building products
Adhesion testing of medical / first aid products
Tensile / pull testing – for engineering, building and research industry
Tensile or elasticity testing of various products, cables, chains, rubber, plastics and special food products such as noodles
Crimp test on electrical/electronic connectors and cables, pull strength on plugs and connectors

Compression / push testing – for packaging, building and engineering industry
Top load or crushing strength of cardboard or plastic packaging boxes

Crisp / brittle and freshness testing – Food texture testing. Crispness of biscuits, crackers, potato and other chips. Hardness of muesli bars, chocolates, lollies, candy, bakery products. Freshness of cakes and other baked goods, nuts and cereal

Equipment Hire

We are also able to hire out force testing equipment for short term rental periods.

Please email us at:  for a quote or more information.

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