TFA P200 Professional Digital Thermometer

Product Description

TFA’s “P200” digital penetration probe thermometer is ideal for professional temperature control of liquid, paste-like and semi-solid materials.
It measures very accurately and can be used universally.
The thermometer is HACCP compliant and ideally suited for professional use in industry, commerce, trade and laboratory.
The stainless steel sensor probe is connected to a 60 cm long cable. In addition to the current temperature, the highest and lowest reading values are displayed and the device has a data hold function.
The thermometer is completely jet-proof and can be cleaned under running water after use. The display unit can be secured with the clip or the built-in stand.

  • Model No. 30.1015
  • With penetration probe (NTC), 110 mm
  • For temperature measurement of air, gas, liquids and paste-like substances
  • Ideal for food (HACCP), tradesmen, industry, agriculture and hobby,
  • Resolution 0.1 °C, precision ±1°C (-25…+150°C), otherwise ±1,5°C
  • Hold-, max.-min.-function
  • With NTC probe (110 mm) and approx. 60 cm cable
  • With pocket clip and stand
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