YouIBot P200- General purpose platform series robot

Product Description

Platform Series-P200

Versatile solution with general-purpose interfaces support over 10 kinds of top modules and cobot to tackle any material transport tasks in warehouses, cleanrooms, and production lines.

  • Multiple types of integrated interfaces: including IO signal interface; Ethernet interface; WLAN; power supply interface
  •  Dual radar design meets 360° all-around plane detection
  •  Meets multiple certification standards
  • 9H Run Time
  • 1016mm x 652mm x 290mm    Dimensions
  • Integration of I/O, Ethernet and WLAN

High Adaptability Interface Design

The P200 places the external integration interfaces at the top panel, which provides I/O; Ethernet; WLAN; Power Supply; signal lines and power supply when the P200 is integrated into the superstructure. Through each interface, it is provided for the upper integrated functional structural components to connect to the P200’s IPC, PLC, battery and its BMS module, ensuring that the upper integrated structure can still be unified by the P200 to manage and control and distribute signals and energy supply after the P200 is transformed through integration, in this case P200 would satisfy serval inquiry in quite amount area.

Monolithic Structure Design

The P200 upper panel and component mounting positions are designed as an integrated structure, isolated from the power wheel and housing design. While ensuring that the core drive capability of the P200 will not be affected during maintenance or integration, it can meet the stable installation of the upper integrated structural components and the feasibility of connecting to each control key component during integration.

Multi-system Cooperative Control

In the case of the basic AMR operating system and dispatch system, P200 can provide the feasibility of interconnection of sensors, robot and other control systems and upper PLC in the integration process. The same integrated control can be accomplished at the operating level, reducing the workload of developing chassis interfaces with new integrated components, and the integration can be done directly on the basis of the standard P200 chassis to complete the specified functional requirements.


  • Highly flexible integrated interface provides the possibility of multiple functions.
  • Stable and supportive integral structural design provides easy debugging and integration.
  • Fully enclosed safety design enables real-time human-robot collaboration in operation.
  • With customizable sound and light systems for customizable notification in different scenarios.
  • Concealed debugging panel improves the ease of quick troubleshooting.



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